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Literally Short Film Festival

June 5-9, 2019

Literal’s international short film festival, Literally Short Film Festival, is now ready for its 6th edition on June 5-9, 2019, located at Literal Magazine, 5425 Renwick Dr., HTX 77081. From June 5th to the 9th, Literally Short will celebrate Houston’s diversity by screening 33 films from 15 distinct nationalities. Film programs will include:

Documentary Short Films: June 5 – 6:30pm
Lucid Dreaming: Experimental Short Films: June 5 – 8pm
Dinner and a Movie: International Short Films: June 6 – 6:30pm
Everything Will Be Fine: International Short Films: June 6 – 8:30pm
Why So Serious?: Comedy Short Films: June 7 – 6:30pm
Not in Kansas Anymore: International Short Films: June 7 – 8:00pm

Awards Party & Top 3 Winner Screenings: June 8 – 4:30pm

Young & Fresh: Texas Short Films Saturday: June 8 – 3pm
Local & Fresh: Texas Short Films  Sunday: June 9 – 3:pm

Tickets are on sale for all events at LiterallyShort.com.

MovieMaker Magazine

"By the end of LSFF, you get a feeling of progress being made. Houston is a reflection of its population, and that magnificent gumbo of humanity is rising to the top through festivals like this. New international voices are being seen and heard, and LSFF is doing its part to spread the word. Without a doubt the crowds will only get larger."

Houston Chronicle

“Houston’s Literally Short Film Festival, running Wednesday through June 10 mostly at Literal Magazine’s event space in west Houston, wants to help remedy the situation by celebrating the short subject as much more than an afterthought. ‘There’s something to be said for short films,’ said Lorís Simón Salum, the festival’s founder, by phone. ‘A story told in that amount of time has a different impact.’”